Boston Marathon Report - A bandit's take

Monday, April 17, 2006


Reports From The Course - Boston Marathon

Today, I will run some of the Boston Marathon course as a bandit - a bandit is a nonqualified runner. I plan to use a blackberry to update this blog about every 5 miles. The posts will start about 12:30 EST and continue until I finish, maybe only a half marathon. I can't promise you how many updates there will be as I haven't trained for this marathon. Why do this? Two reasons:

1) I'm curious about how much blog traffic I can get through what I'm calling a "flash blog" - a blog of set duration intended to only cover one event. In most of the blogosphere, authority through number of posts and reputation drives posts. I'm curious how that might be different for an event. I will post stats by wednesday for those interested.

2) I'm running because I feel like I haven't had a good physical challenge in awhile. Although I didn't train properly, I have a fairly good running base and know my limitations.

You need to use a camera phone and photo blog this.
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